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Respite Care & Short Stay Breaks - Provided by Wirral Autistic Society

What do you do, and who for?

We know the importance for families who care for someone with autism to have a break. It allows families to do the ordinary things in life such as going out for a meal or having friends round for a drink.

Additional Information

We can offer an overnight stay or longer for the person with autism at The Ferns, our purpose-built short stay facility, which opened in 2010.

The Ferns can also be used on a half day or full day basis.  We can also offer you a break based in your own home, if this suits your requirements better.

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Who to contact

0151 334 7510 admin@wirral.autistic.org www.wirral.autistic.org (opens in a new window) Registered Office

Where to find us

Oak House, Unit C, 6 Tebay Rd, Bromborough, Wirral Yes Yes Other parking / public transport information The service can be accessed by public transport. Please contact the service for more details.

Other information

Please feel free to cotnact us for a visit and/or further information. A Resource Centre will be opening soon. Eligibility Criteria: to be advised Yes Fees are paid by an allocation from Social Services or by personal budget. Yes Staff skills or quality marks:

The staff are specialist staff with knowledge and skills for supporting people who have an autistic spectrum condition.


Target Audiences

Adults (25 - 60/65) Learning Disability

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